The first Wimmera-focused real food festival is being held in Dimboola, a small historic Western Victorian town on the fringe of the Little Desert. 

The beautiful Wimmera River, which winds its way through the Grampians mountain range, provides a backdrop to a landscape particularly suited to the growing of olives, nuts, lemons, stone fruit and quinces and through the Wimmera grain-growing region, where much of Australia’s wheat, barley, legumes and canola are produced.  Honey, wild duck, rabbit, yabbies and river fish are local delicacies. This is the home of Pink Lake salt, and the hugely successful Luv-a-Duck farm.

This winter event will include tastings of local seasonal produce and wine, campfire cook-offs, open air barbecues, walks, tours, cooking classes and a series of delicious events that will be held in and beyond the town. Whilst showcasing locally grown produce is the central focus of this festival, it’s also a great opportunity for visitors to experience our environment and the relaxed lifestyle that we enjoy here in the Wimmera — so bring your boots, drizabones and good cheer.